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On behalf of JSP Business Travel company please welcome to our temporary website for USA and Carribean visitors.

Even if you travel a lot it is no guarantee that you will make the right choice when it comes to selecting the location for your next trip, resort, hotel or air flight without the help of a travel-expert.

We are absolutely sure that any popular online reservation services – such as booking.com will be unable to satisfy all your needs, hear your wishes and interests.

Which Sicilian hotel would be an ideal selection for you? Which resorts in Mauritius have the largest golf facilities? How to participate in the most interesting and exciting events during the Cannes film festival? How to organize a perfect family trip to Seychelles that will keep your kids entertained, as well as your wife?

The best way to achieve maximum satisfaction and enjoyment out of your travels is to have a personal travel-adviser. Each JSP Travel client is assigned a manager who cares about the quality of service you receive and provides a highly personalized support around the clock.

Direct contracts with the top luxury hotels worldwide – Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, One&Only Resorts, Anantara Hotels Resorts & Spas, Mandarin Oriental etc – allow us to give the best prices and special privileges to our clients. Extensive expertise and years of experience helps us to arrange the most comfortable route for your flight. Our established lasting relationships with the host companies all over the world guarantee excellent accomodations and service.

Our full-format website will be completed soon. Meanwhile you can visit our website for russian-speaking clients at www.JSPtravel.ru

I’ll be glad to answer your questions. For quick response, please contact me by Viber or Whatsapp +7 (921) 950-92-20 or by e-mail: viktoria@jsptravel.ru

Sincerely yours, General director of JSP Business Travel company

Viktoria Pechenkina

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