St.Petersburg (known as Petrograd in 1914-1924 and as Leningrad in 1924-1991), the northern capital of Russian Federation, the seaport, the administrative centre of Leningrad region is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Although just 300 years old, St. Petersburg has a rich and exciting history, full of dramatic events and major historical figures.

St. Petersburg enjoys a vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere and some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe. For those interested in culture and history, St. Petersburg is the perfect holiday destination. St Petersburg is a relatively young city, by both Russian and European standards, and was only founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great on the small Zayachy island in the mouth of the Neva river as a fortress on May 27, 1703. The city became the capital of Russia in 1712 up to 1918 when the capital was transferred back to Moscow. St.Petersburg was built by the most famous Russian and European architects and nicknamed "the Babylon of the Snows" and "the Venice of the North" (the city is located on 33 islands).

Despite its short life so far, Petersburg has a rich and exciting history. From the early days of Peter the Great's "Venice of the North" to the modern events of the 1991 coup d'etat, the city has always bustled with life and intrigue, revolution and mystery…..

St.Petersburg in Facts and Figures:

  • Location: Eastern Europe, the Eastern shore of the Baltic Sea (Gulf of Finland)
  • Time Zone: GMT +3, Eastern +8
  • Population: 4 million 600 thousand (as of January 2010)
  • Area: 1400 square kilometers
  • Main river: Neva. The city is located in the delta of the Neva River on numerous islands. In city boundaries there is a set (in the sum not less than 93) the rivers, sleeves, channels and channels (total length about 300 km, including about 20 artificial channels in the general extent over 160 km).
  • Main natural phenomena: White Nights (The northern geografical location of St.Petersburg (the same latitude as Greenland, Alaska and Chukotka) explains the white nights from June 11 up to July 2 when the sun sets only 9 degrees below the horizon and the faint twilight gradually turns into the dawn)
  • Local government: The Governor and the Governor's Office, The Legislative Assembly
  • Zoning: 20 administrative districts, including satellite towns under St. Petersburg's jurisdiction
  • Main cultural attractions: Hermitage, Russian Museum, Peter-and-Paul Fortress, St.Isaac Cathedral, Palace-and-Park Ensemble Petergof, Catherine Palace, the Marble Palace, Mikhaylovskiy Castle
  • Airports: Pulkovo-2 International, Pulkovo-1 Domestic
  • Sea port: Passenger terminal on Vasilievsky Island

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